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UCL Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the ‘Company’) provides the following privacy statements in order to protect the user's personal information and their rights based on the Personal Information Protection Act, and to settle any issues the user may have related to personal information.

The company will provide disclosures through Notices on our website (or individual notices) when the privacy statement is revised.

○ The privacy statement has been implemented and enforced as of April 14, 2017.

  • 01Personal information to be collected, and collection method

    The company collects personal information specified below for providing services and consultations.
    Collection items: Name, telephone number, company name, e-mail address
    Collection method: Website

  • 02Purpose of collecting & using personal information

    Website management: Personal information is used for the purpose of addressing inquiries and problem solving.

  • 03Retention period & use of personal information

    In general, personal information is deleted immediately after completion of services and consultations for which the personal information was collected.
    However, the following information may be retained for a specified period for the reasons stated below.
    - Personal information: Name, telephone number, company name, e-mail address
    - Reason for retention: Consumer Protection Laws in E-Commerce
    - Retention period: 3 years
    - Related statute: Collection/handling record and use of credit information: 3 years

  • 04Personal information processing custodians

    UCL does not outsource the personal information received from users.

  • 05Information rights, duties, principles and the exercising of information rights

    ① Users may exercise their rights related to the protection of personal information as shown below at any time.
    1. Request for review of personal information 2. Request for correction of errors 3. Request for deletion 4. Request for discontinuing processing

    ② In the case of exercising the right according to Clause 1, the request can be submitted in written form, e-mail or FAX (‘Site URL’, hereafter referred to as the ‘Site Name’) in accordance with Annex No. 8 form in the Enforcement Regulation of Personal Information Protection Act. The request will be processed without delay.

    ③ In the case of the user requesting the correction of errors or deletion of personal information (‘Site URL’, hereafter referred to as the ‘Site Name’), the relevant personal information will not be used or processed until the correction or deletion has been complete.

    ④ When exercising the right according to Clause 1, users may appoint a representative such as a legal representative or an individual personally delegated by the user. In this case, Power of Attorney must be submitted according to Annex No. 11 form in the Enforcement Regulation of Personal Information Protection Act.

  • 06Preparation of items for processing personal information

    UCL processes the following items as personal information.
    - Item: Name, company name, telephone number, e-mail

  • 07In general, personal information is deleted immediately after completion of services and consultations for which the personal information was collected. The procedures, retention period and method of deletion is shown as follows.

    - Deletion procedure
    The information provided by the user is transferred to a separate DB after completion of services (Separate document for information on paper); and, according to internal policy and other related ordinances, the information is stored for a specified period of time and shall be deleted without delay. The personal information transferred to the DB is not used for other purposes except for legal purposes.

    - Deletion Period
    When the user's personal information met the storage period requirements, the purpose of processing personal information has been completed, the relevant service has been discontinued, or the business is closed within 5 days from the final date of storage to no longer require the processing of the personal information, the relevant personal information is deleted within 5 days from the acknowledged date.

    - Method of deletion
    Electronic files use technical methods to prevent any reproduction.

  • 08Measures to secure the safety of personal information

    1. Establishment and implementation of internal management plans : Internal management plan is established and implemented for the safe processing of personal information.

    2. Encryption of personal information: When handling personal information of users, passwords are encrypted, stored, and managed. Therefore, only the user can verify the password, and separate security measures are applied to important data, such as encrypting the transferred data, and using file lock functions, etc.

    3. Limitation of access to personal information : Necessary measures are taken for controlling access to personal information, such as granting, changing, cancelling access authority to the database system processing the personal information. Firewall systems are also in place to control any illegal access from outside.

    4. Restriction of access by unauthorized personnel : Separate storage space is managed for storing personal information. Procedures are also established and operated for controlling access.

  • 09Matters regarding installation, operation and denial of automatic personal information collection systems.

    UCL does not operate any ‘Cookies’ that stores and searches your information regularly.

  • 10Appointment of Privacy Officer

    ① UCL has appointed the privacy officer stated below to be responsible of the overall task of processing personal information, and to settle complains of users related to the processing of personal information, including damage relief.

    ▶ Privacy Officer
    Name : Kim Hyun-bok
    Position : Assistant Manager
    Contact : +82-32-712-8800
    E-mail : webmaster@e-ucl.co.kr

    ② Users may submit inquiries to the privacy officer or the relevant department on matters related to the protection of personal information, complaint settlement, and damage relief. Inquiries by users will be answered and settled by UCL without delay.

  • 11Revision of Privacy Statement

    This privacy statement is valid from the date of enforcement. Any additions, deletions and modifications in accordance with laws and policies shall be disclosed through the Notice Board 7 days before implementation of revisions.