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Incheon factory

Factory status
Main business
Cosmetics/Functional cosmetics ODM·OEM
Site : 3,002 sq M /

Total area :

    1st  plant) 5,326 sq M

    2nd plant) 4,198 sq M

Production capability(annual)
50 million skincare/hair/functional cosmetic products
119, Neungheodaero 649-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Main production items

Bio & functional skincare, hair and body products, etc.

Facility status

Independent manufacturing facilities are managed for each skincare/hair & body/permanent wave products/hair colorants to enable quality assurance and to prevent cross-contamination and accidents.

Separation of operations in accordance with CGMP divisions to enable systematic and perfect product manufacturing.

Main manufacturing facility

Facility Name Description
Homo mixer Emulsification agents (cream/lotion, etc.) agitation products (shampoo/body cleanser, etc.) and temporary & permanent hair colorants
Auxiliaries (Homo mixer) Homo mixer auxiliaries (oil/water dissolution)
Agi mixer Permanent wave product / shampoo-exclusive
Purified water manufacturing device RO (reverse osmosis) treated water for cosmetics manufacture (5 ton/hr production capacity)
Disper mixer For pretreatment dispersion and agitation
Agitator(skin) Product for emulsification of toner & liquids
Rapid cooler Cooling water facility
Others Rotary pump / scale / flowmeter

Main filling/packaging facility

Facility Name Description
Sanitary Pump Transfer of contents
Multi-filler Automatic filling of shampoo/body products/lotion
Automatic permanent wave agent filler Automatic permanent wave agent filling for 1 person
Piston filler High/low viscosity product filling, such as cream/lotion, etc.
Vacuum filler Fixed quantity filling of toner & liquids
UV sterilizer Component sanitation/sterilization and drying (Equipped in each room)
Pouch sealer Sample filling & sealing
Tube sealer Tube product filling & sealing


International Outstanding Cosmetic manufacture & quality control standard ISO 22716

Quality management system ISO 9001

Environmental management system ISO 14001