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  • 01 Warehousing of raw materials and package materials

    Minimum stock is maintained to sustain the timely supply of fresh raw materials / package materials and to guaranty top-quality. Inventory audits are periodically performed to dispose of any expired raw materials / package materials.

  • 02 Raw materials and package materials inspection

    Raw materials that are warehoused pass through basic inspections and microbial tests. Package materials are inspected to verify basic cleanliness, appearance and usability. If there are any issues, the raw materials and package materials are removed from processing to eliminate any further problems.

  • 03 Raw materials weighing

    Raw materials come in liquid and powdered forms and are used in separate spaces to prevent any cross-contamination. Dust collection equipment is used in facilities where powdered raw materials are handled and weighed to minimize dust levels.

  • 04 Manufacturing contents

    Manufacturing facilities suitable for various formulations are provided for dissolution / dispersion / emulsification / defoamation / cooling / filtering processes necessary to manufacture contents used in cosmetics. Manufacturing records are also maintained for each manufactured LOT to ensure the production of products with uniform quality.

  • 05 Contents inspection

    Organoleptic tests and basic physical & chemical tests are performed to inspect the quality of contents. Basic quality control of microbial testing is performed at all stages on raw materials / package materials, contents and finished products. Manufacturing facilities including the filling and packaging rooms are also monitored regularly to minimize the presence of any pollutants and maintain a consistent working environment.

  • 06 Contents maintenance

    Our facilities allow for the manufacturing of small quantities to mass production in order to quickly respond to the needs of customers. We ensure high quality production through air purification systems and more through our exclusively developed ERP platforms and real-time monitoring to enable systematic management.

  • 07 Finished product inspection

    After packaging completion, organoleptic test are performed on the contents for inspecting the overall quality. Packaging condition are checked carefully to ensure consumer satisfaction. Products that pass inspections are granted with final confirmations.

  • 08 Storage and shipment of finished products

    Products that pass a total of 3 quality tests from raw materials / package materials warehousing to finished product manufacture are approved for shipment. ERP is used to enable the speedy and accurate shipment within the dates and locations preferred by our customers.