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Laboratory introduction

  • Incheon R&D Center

    Cosmetics research has continuously been performed since R&D Center was established in 1980. The laboratory received approval as an affiliated R&D Center and acknowledged for its expertise in April 2004. Domestic & foreign market information is utilized in order to accurately analyze and meet the various needs of customers. Creative product development and strict safety tests are also performed to develop high-quality cosmetics that can be trusted by customers.

  • Jeju Laboratory

    Jeju Laboratory focuses on using natural raw materials from Jeju to research and develop True Natural Cosmetics that have been proven to be safe, efficient, and effective. UCL is continuing their efforts to discover more effective raw materials that exist only in Jeju to be used in various cosmetic formulations.

Core Technology

  • Professional
    Hair Care Cosmetics
    High-quality haircare product R&D acknowledged by hair specialists in hair salons
    • 01Company that develops products for permanent wave and straight hair by engaging in every step from raw materials to final product
    • 02Technology developed to produce 180 permanent hair colorants that are sold to hair salons and brand shops
    • 03Developed 60 semi-hair colorants including hair manicure and color treatment, etc.
    • 04Technology capable of developing haircare products suitable for the hair of Koreans.
  • Natural Cosmetics R&D to produce pure and safe cosmetics from nature
    • 01Research to verify the efficiency of natural raw materials from Jeju
    • 02Development of Jeju Cosmetic Cert. products
    • 03Stabilization technology to create formulations for highly-concentrated natural ingredients
  • Baby Cosmetics R&D to produce gentle cosmetics that can be used on extremely delicate & sensitive skin
    • 01Research to create mild cosmetic formulations using natural ingredients
    • 02Research to verify the safety of products developed for sensitive skin
    • 03Development of skin protection technologies for sensitive skin conditions including atopy
  • Cosmeceutical
    (cosmetics+ pharmaceutical)
    R&D to produce highly functional cosmetics preferred by skin experts
    • 01Skin barrier strengthening technology for skin that has become weakened due to exfoliation, etc.
    • 02Fine emulsion technology to enhance the absorption of effective ingredients
    • 03Skin cell activation research for maintaining healthy skin